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about david

David is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and endorsed Infant Mental Health Mentor - Clinical. He provides consultation and workshops to individuals, groups and agencies for professional and personal growth, and has provided workshops and trainings at the national, state and local levels since the mid 1990’s.

David has over 25 years of experience as a therapist, program manager, supervisor, presenter and consultant to individuals and programs, with much of that experience focusing on young children and families, most recently at the University of New Mexico. Years of experience with young children and families, and those that support them, has given David a perspective on professional and personal growth that is somewhat unique because our early experiences have such a profound impact on our lives as adults.

One of David’s key areas of interest is in understanding the connections between early experiences, the beliefs that arise out of those experiences, our ability to regulate our emotional states, and the space between activation of the stress response and our thoughts, words and actions that follow. He is particularly interested in the cultivation of this space because it is here that we are presented with an opportunity for growth and change. David is continually seeking a deeper understanding of how all of this affects the way we relate to our self, other people and the world around us.

licenses, endorsements & certifications

Licensed Independent Social Worker

State of New Mexico. License No. I-07195

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. License No. 1024428 (not currently active)

Infant Mental Health Mentor - Clinical

The New Mexico Association for Infant Mental Health

New Mexico Social Work Board-Approved Supervisor

New Mexico Board of Social Work Examiners, NM Regulation & Licensing Dept.

Master Cadre Trainer, New Mexico Pyramid Partnership

Pyramid Model Consortium

Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator

Circle of Security International

Approved Competency Trainer

CYFD New Mexico Trainer Registry

​Certified Early Intervention Program Director

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Certification No. 130D

Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Certification No. 0091

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