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One of the greatest gifts we can develop is an understanding of why we respond to others in the ways we do, to notice when we respond in ways that have become automatic, and to begin to be able to make choices in how we respond. This is key because we cannot change the way anyone else thinks or behaves; we can only change the way we respond to others. And by changing our own response, we may then create the possibility for change in others to the extent that we can let go of the outcome. These concepts are infused into all of David’s work, along with an attitude of curiosity, gentleness and humor.

individual & group consultation

David offers opportunities for professional and personal growth through individual, group or program consultation on an ongoing or as needed basis.

The intention of all consultation is to create a safe space where participant’s experiences are acknowledged and validated, self-reflection is supported and each person’s inner wisdom is honored.

Individual and group consultation is available face-to-face (at your location or in Albuquerque), by videoconference or by phone.

workshops & retreats

Workshops and retreats are typically a combination of facilitated conversations, information and activities intended to inspire and encourage learning and self-reflection. Workshops can be designed to meet your needs. Some ideas are listed below.

Workshops and retreats are offered at your location, whether that's in New Mexico, another state in the US, or internationally.


Cultivating Space for Change

Reflective Practice

Social & Emotional Development

Culture, Expectations and Building Relationships

Secondary Trauma

Relationship-Based Practice


Trauma-Informed Practice

Home Visiting

Understanding the Meaning of Children’s Behavior

Play Therapy

Stress, Poverty and the Developing Brain

Observation & Listening Skill Development

Engaging Families

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Talking to Parents About Concerns

Regulation & Co-Regulation

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